Silver Lining: the line up!

And now, the Silver Lining hunt line up (in alphabetical order). You guys should all have received a notecard/ email with all the info I could think of…if you haven’t, please let me know.

Thank you so much to everybody who applied!

And now for the second Monochrome Hunt – Silver Lining

If you’re not familiar with the concept of monochrome hunts, it’s this: each hunt is based on a monochrome colour palette,and content designers create an item based on/ inspired by these colours.

The first hunt (Swimming Pool Blues) ran in the last two weeks of August. The second hunt is called “Silver Lining” and will run from the 24th of November to the 09th of December.

It will feature about 25 stores, and the hunt objects will, again, be 5L$.

The application deadline is the 28th of October 2012.

Here’s the colour palette this time:

Apply here

Thank you!

I want to thank the wonderful bloggers who have kindly been covering the Swimming Pool Blues hunt so far (and wow! have they done a fantastic job of it!)

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(I don’t seem to be able to link to the actual post – sorry….)

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Thank you! It’s wonderful to see so much support, and it’s greatly appreciated.

Hunt gifts preview and hints

The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt has officially started.

You’re looking for this:

Unfortunately, Siss Boom had to drop out of the hunt, and a couple of stores didn’t send me anything or respond when I contacted them, so here’s the final line up, with a preview of (most of) the hunt gifts (in the order of the hunt).

Please note all gifts on this hunt are 5L.

And now…here is the rundown. (Click on the store name to go there.)

  • .MM.(Home)

    Hint: look! it’s in the swimming pool!

[No picture provided]

  • L&K prefabs
    Hint: So many gifts! Is it Christmas yet?

  • Baffle!

    Hint: Up above the clouds so high

  • UrbanizeD

    Hint: Follow the blue butterflies..

  • Wall candy

    Hint: 3 cute birds and 1 awesome gift!

  • [FIEND]

    Hint: Find me with a cherry on top

  • BoatHouse

    Hint: Outside in one of two white buildings

  • SFW Industries

    Hint: Look here if you need to cool off after a day at the pool.

  • [AsYLUM]

    Hint: Hats off to u if u find this gift.

[No picture provided]

  • Senzafine

    Hint: Jewels of the earth reflect the hues of blue in the sky.

  • Peqe

    Hint: Behind the counter!

  • Prism Furniture

    Hint: Things will go swimmingly for you if you DASH in hunt about

The final line up

And here it is….the final line up for the Swimming Pool Blues Hunt!

Thank you all for being on board!

The hunt starts on the 15th August at 2am SLT.

First stores confirmed for the hunt!

Thank you for all the applications so far!

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a shortlist of the stores participating in the hunt so far (the order is alphabetical):


If you’ve applied, and do not see your name on the list, please do bear with me…I want to try and get a nice balance between homewares/ apparel/ miscellaneous, so I’m waiting a little bit longer to decide.

If you see your name on the list, and haven’t received a hunt board, it means SL has eaten it. Let me know…. I will resend.

If you’re a content creator, and you’re interested in applying, you can do so here.


Introducing Monochrome Hunts – Swimming Pool Blues

The idea behing the monochrome hunts is that each hunt will be based on a monochrome colour palette,and content designers will create an item based on/ inspired by these colours.

The first hunt will run from the 15th August 2012 to the 31st August 2012, and is themed “Swimming Pool Blues”.

It will feature about 25 stores, and the hunt objects will be 5L$.

The application deadline is the 21st of July 2012.

This is not a first come first serve hunt, because I want to try and build a nice mix of stores, so please do not worry if you do not hear anything back straight away.

The colour palette is the following:

Hunt guidelines

  • PG stuff only.
  • The hunt prize should be new or unique to the hunt. (After the hunt is over, it may be put on sale as normal, of course.)
  • It probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: no resellers, Business In A Box (BIAB) and/or Freebies found in BIAB.
  • You will need to provide a promo picture for your gift item, this will be posted on the blog and distributed around bloggers to generate interest in the hunt.
  • Hunt item is not to be hidden inside another object.
  • No decoys!
  • Just to make things absolutely clear: you do NOT have to build a swimming pool (unless you want to)! :-)

Apply here