Hunt gifts preview and hints

The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt has officially started.

You’re looking for this:

Unfortunately, Siss Boom had to drop out of the hunt, and a couple of stores didn’t send me anything or respond when I contacted them, so here’s the final line up, with a preview of (most of) the hunt gifts (in the order of the hunt).

Please note all gifts on this hunt are 5L.

And now…here is the rundown. (Click on the store name to go there.)

  • .MM.(Home)

    Hint: look! it’s in the swimming pool!

[No picture provided]

  • L&K prefabs
    Hint: So many gifts! Is it Christmas yet?

  • Baffle!

    Hint: Up above the clouds so high

  • UrbanizeD

    Hint: Follow the blue butterflies..

  • Wall candy

    Hint: 3 cute birds and 1 awesome gift!

  • [FIEND]

    Hint: Find me with a cherry on top

  • BoatHouse

    Hint: Outside in one of two white buildings

  • SFW Industries

    Hint: Look here if you need to cool off after a day at the pool.

  • [AsYLUM]

    Hint: Hats off to u if u find this gift.

[No picture provided]

  • Senzafine

    Hint: Jewels of the earth reflect the hues of blue in the sky.

  • Peqe

    Hint: Behind the counter!

  • Prism Furniture

    Hint: Things will go swimmingly for you if you DASH in hunt about


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