Thank you!

I want to thank the wonderful bloggers who have kindly been covering the Swimming Pool Blues hunt so far (and wow! have they done a fantastic job of it!)

Faithless Babii
Pure Eggs & Spam

Bethesa Hancroft
SL Free for All

Mejora tu Apariencia

Valena Vacano
Casa De Surf

Home On The Grid

Love Trill

Roodvosje Rosse
Go Dutch!

Linda Mensing
Second Life 24h
(I don’t seem to be able to link to the actual post – sorry….)

Tekila Vella
Freebie Telegraph

Tekila Unplugged

Nestor Farshore
Inventory Maintenance

Mondra Kira
Inventory Maintenance

Juliette Bergan
Hurricanes and Teacups

Flor Metaluna
Fashionista de 0 a 50 lindens

Thank you! It’s wonderful to see so much support, and it’s greatly appreciated.


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