Silver Lining: hunt gifts preview and hints

The Silver Lining Hunt has officially started. You’re looking for this:

Unfortunately,//elephante poses// had to drop out of the hunt, and at the time of publishing this, I haven’t heard anything back from the following stores:

  • Fresco Moda
  • SySy’s

So if the notecard in the hunt item still has the landmark for these 3 stores, feel free to ignore them for the purpose of the hunt, at least for the time being. I will update if the situation changes.

So here’s the final line up for now, with a preview of (most of) the hunt gifts (in the order of the hunt, in as much as that means anything).

Please note all gifts on this hunt are 5L.

Note: Click on the store name to go there.

  • NuDoLu
    you should wash your hands

  • estatica
    Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.

  • Breno
    The aliens have invaded Manhattan!

  • DIGS
    Peek under the Hawthorn

[None Provided]

  • Flood
    At the end of a hard day i like to snuggle up and relax on something soft and comforting.

[None Provided]

[None Provided]

  • Black Tulip
    Stony tears fall on my winding keys, sad notes of a life that broke and withered alone.

  • [Circa]
    As I look at my reflection, I primp & powder!

  • SFW Industries
    Our ‘New Releases’ certainly get to enjoy the scenic view; up here you will too.

  • Pestique
    A couch in a corner is not always a corner-couch!


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