Lavender Hill: hunt gift previews and hints

The Lavender Hill Hunt has officially started. You’re looking for this:

Lavender Hill Hunt Object Composite

Unfortunately, quite a few stores from the original line up have dropped out from the hunt for a variety of reasons. On the bright side, it means that the hunt is quick to do!

So here’s the final line up, with a preview of the hunt gifts (in the order of the hunt, in as much as that means anything – in case you were wondering, this was arrived at by randomising the names in Excel 🙂 ).

***Latest News***
Due to some real life isues, A T T I C were very late with their gift, which is why they weren’t in the original post, but they have now joined the hunt….please go to the end of this post for hint, location and picture!

Please note all gifts on this hunt are 5L$.

Note: Click on the store name to go there.



LMD Ad Lavender Hill Hunt

Purple Garden Flower Textures Poster

  • *Akeana’a Architecture*
    Hint: You gotta stretch your arms and make your avie tall, to reach the “Lavender Gift” on the purple water wall. (Vendors are here to be seen, are you truly keen?!)


  • NuDoLu
    Hint for gift 1: The nutcracker!
    Hint for gift 2: She has beautiful hands.

NuDoLu Voyage Pendentif de Matriochka AD

NuDoLu Robe en maille style vintage Lavande AD


Alouette - The Camilla Bench - LHH (Ad)

EP - Together We Are

+_Adore&Abhor_+ Lavender Hill Hunt Makeup

Intrepid Lavender Hill hunt

even.flow - Muffin-Sleeved Shirt _lavender_

gia tampleles

  • Immerse (formerly known as Prism Furniture)
    [Immerse Blog]
    Hint: Look High Immerse has joined the Clothing world

Cami Lavander

  • *ionic*
    Hint: The place you save things in the bedroom

lavender hunt

MINA Hair - Daan - Lavender

  • Senzafine
    Hint: After the Snow, the Lavender will Bloom.

SF Marguerite Armchair (Moonlit Lavender) Ad

Pure Poison for Monochrome Hunts

SIGMA Jewels for Laventer Hill Hunt



Epicosity Lavender Hill Hunt Prize

A T T I C for lavender hunt


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