The Silver Lining Hunt – INFO

Please note that I will be away with no access to SL from Oct 30 to Nov 06. I doubt this will be a problem, but just so you know.

Hi everybody,

Thank you for being on board!

Here’s all the relevant info I could think of. If you feel I’ve forgotten something, or if you have any questions, do let me know. I have given times in both SLT and GMT – I do find it helpful to have the GMT time in front of me, since that’s my timezone; I hope it’s not too confusing.


Hunt objects will be sent:
17 Nov

If you need it earlier, please let me know. Sorry, I haven’t decided what it will be yet.
I’ll send two versions:
– an empty version, to stick on the hunt board so that hunters know what they’re looking for;
– and the version for hiding, which you’ll need to put your hunt gift in.

Hints and picture of hunt gift to be submitted by:
22 Nov (this can be earlier if everything is ready at your end, of course)

Hints: feel free to submit this whatever way is the easiest for you. IMs, email or notecards should all work; my IMS go to my email address. Just let me know that it’s the hint for the hunt, please, otherwise I might get slightly confused when I start receiving cryptic IMs or emails. Something along the lines of “Silver Lining Hunt Hint: … ” will do just fine.
Pictures: unless you really want to, there’s no need to send them inworld. Instead, you can email them to They should showcase your gift as attractively as possible, and should include your logo. If you do send them inworld, please send me an IM telling me you have sent them – thanks.

Hunt objects to be hidden:
at the latest 23 Nov 10am [SLT] || 6pm [GMT]

When you have hidden your hunt object, PLEASE SEND ME A LANDMARK TO THE HIDING PLACE (inventory offer, IM, notecard, email – doesn’t matter, whatever is the easiest for you). Not a landmark to your store – a landmark to where the object is hidden, as precise as you can make it. Basically, I don’t want to have to search for the hunt object (sorry, I don’t have the time!). I will not disclose this landmark to anybody else, this is just to make my job easier when checking everything is OK.

SLURL of hunt gift hiding place to be submitted by:

23 Nov 10am [SLT] | 6pm [GMT]

Final (and only!) check:
23 Nov
from: 10am [SLT] || 6pm [GMT]
to: 2pm [SLT] || 10pm [GMT]

This is me going round and checking that everything is ready: hunt objects hidden, with a hunt gift and landmarks notecard (see below for more on that). If I haven’t received a hint and/ or a picture, I will also be nagging you about that. Please don’t make me do it! I hate nagging! 🙂

If this is impractical, let me know, and we’ll figure something out.

I thought about doing a preliminary check with a mock hunt object a couple of days before the hunt starts, but it seems more hassle than its worth.

Hunt starts:
24 Nov @ 6 am [SLT] || 14 pm [GMT]

This is when I’ll publish a blog post for the hunt (with SLURLs, pictures and hints). I’ll mention promotion then, but that can wait for now.


As soon as I’ve sent this, I will publish all the participants names on the hunt blog (in alphabetical order), and the names will be linked to the store blog when I had one.

Stores order:
I will notify the stores order nearer the time; this will be allocated randomly (as in: pull all names into a box and the order in which they come out is the hunt order, or something). Anyway, the store order doesn’t really matter. Why? Please read below.

A note about landmarks:
Last hunt, the way it was done was the traditional way: each hunt object only held the landmark to the next store. This proved to be a MAJOR headache, so, for the sake of my own sanity, this hunt is going to be a little different.
Like last hunt, the landmarks to the stores will be on line; and they will also be included in a notecard that will be contained in each hunt object, so that people don’t have to keep switching between SL and a web page if they don’t want to.
It does mean that hunters can pick and choose which store they go to. There are pros and cons to this; personally, I figure hunters are maybe more likely to take a chance on a store they don’t know if the landmark for the store is easily accessible.
On the other hand, it means they’ll get lots of duplicate notecards in their inventory. If I can think of a better way, I’ll do things differently.
If this is a problem for whatever reason, PLEASE LET ME KNOW NOW.

It might be useful to mention that my timezone is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which is SLT + 8. So sometimes, there might be a lag in communication. I’m pretty much not at my computer between 10pm (2pm SLT) and 8am (12pm SLT). If any of you want to let me know your timezone, do so, and I’ll keep it in mind if I need to chase you.

Hunt Gifts
The hunt gifts should be based around the colour palette posted on the blog. It’s absolutely fine if the shades you use are darker or lighter, as long as the general colours is within that tonal range. The whole object doesn’t need to be that colour/ tonal range (unless you choose to) – accents are fine. It’s more about delivering something that’s really nice.

If you need to contact me, here are my contact details:
Plurk: MauricetteM
Twitter: MauricetteM
And in world, of course. IMs are better – they get sent to my email.

I barely log onto Plurk these days, and Twitter and Facebook even less….but if you send me a message through these platforms, I’ll get notified by email, so if the last 3 are your platform of choice, please don’t hesitate: I’ll get the message and will get back to you.

Also, if you have a contact email address that you could let me have, that would be very useful. I often email people as well as contacting them in world, and it means that you do not miss important info (of course it can also mean duplication…). And it’s really useful if you need to contact me and I can’t access SL for any reason. It’s totally optional, though.

If you have any questions or comments, or if there’s anything you think I should have mentioned and didn’t, please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, you probably won’t hear from me anymore before the 17 Nov.

Bulk communications in-world (like this one)
Whenever possible, I’ll be sending messages in bulk through the demo version of Fred Allandale’s Subcriber Kiosk. Please rest assured that this will only be used within the context of this hunt, and you will not be spammed as a result of it. Nor will you be spammed if you’ve given me your email address. Just thought I’d mention that! 🙂

Deadlines summary
Hunt objects will be sent: 17 Nov
Hints and picture of hunt gift to be submitted by: 22 Nov
Hunt objects to be hidden: 23 Nov 10am [SLT] at the latest
SLURL of hunt gift hiding place to be submitted by: same as above
Final (and only!) check: 23 Nov from 10am [SLT] to 2pm [SLT]
Hunt starts: 24 Nov @ 2am [SLT]


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